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Delphi Energy Future 2040 at COP22 Conference

When the global climate community convened in Marrakesh in November 2016, the future of the energy sector was a much-discussed topic. The Delphi study served as crucial food for thoughts for the discussion on the global energy transition. How to plan for the long-term while keeping flexible with regards to technological developments, costs, disruptive changes etc.? How to avoid lock-in and stranded assets? How to make assumptions for technological progress, discount rates, carbon pricing and the (so far) non-electric sectors? These were among the many questions discussed in Marrakesh.

On 18th of November, GIZ organized the panel discussion “Planning the Energy Transition – From Scenarios to Roadmaps” in which the Delphi Energy Future 2040 study played a prominent role. The panellists successfully brought together different perspectives on the global energy transition: Thorsten Herdan, Director General for Energy Policy at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy; Ritu Mathur, Director of Green Growth and Resource Efficiency of the Indian “The Energy and Resources Institute” (TERI); Jason Veysey, a senior scientist at the Stockholm Environment Institute and Vera Scholz, GIZ’s Director for Environment and Climate Change Division all presented their insights and discussed the challenges of planning the global energy transition.